From Vision to Reality – A Community Resurrection Project


It’s a story that’s made for reality television. Several companies come to the aid of a local organization in need of a safe place for children to play. It’s a big undertaking, as they only have one day to do it.

On October 9, 2014, Allstate Insurance Company hosted the Community Resurrection Project. The Edna Martin Christian Center needed a safe playground, so several organizations across Indianapolis worked together to make their vision a reality. Local adjusters, agents, contractors, and many others worked through a cold and rainy day to complete the project.

Several American Structurepoint employees took part in the event, specifically from our Investigative and Civil Groups. We had a crew that provided survey information for the playground area. We also assisted with the coordination of the event, as well as the physical labor. It was a hefty list, as volunteers laid 90 yards of mulch and framed a jungle-gym with a slide on-sight. They also did some planting, put up aluminum fencing, removed trees, and installed multiple additional cement mounted rides.

In this story, there’s no script and certainly no cameras. Participants and volunteers aren’t looking for fame. They are looking to make a difference in the community in which they live and work.

Thank you to Allstate and volunteers for coordinating and executing this worthy cause. To see the volunteers in action, click here.