Commitment to Community

By Willis R. Conner, President and COO

With the staff of American Structurepoint’s hard-earned dollars, we have made a difference in the world. Last year, we told you about this organization built by this amazing young man, Seth Maxwell, who has taken on the goal of eliminating the world’s water problem.  You may say, as I did, what problem?

One billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water; that’s 1 in 8 people. 4,500 children die every day from drinking contaminated water. That’s one every 15 seconds. Unbelievable. What’s more unbelievable is that for as little as $5,000 you can sink a water well and provide safe water to an entire village, changing their lives forever. $5,000—that’s it!

The benefit goes beyond the disease and death part. Women who spent most of their day looking for and transporting water now have time to earn a living, and kids have time to go to school. The water well changes the entire social-economic system forever. It improves the quality of life.

But, wait a minute. This is our business, the Utility Infrastructure business; we do water projects that benefit communities all the time. Compared to the water projects we do, the benefit/cost ratio for the Thirst Project is absolutely off the chart.  So, we bought a water well.

I’m proud of the way we have defined just what it means to wear the American Structurepoint logo. And I’m proud of the commitment we have to our clients, our community and to the world.