Forbes Magazine Lists Top Ten Business Trends for 2013

As the business world evolves, it’s important to stay abreast on current trends. Forbes Magazine recently published the Top Ten Business Trends for 2013 that can notably be implemented into our everyday work at American Structurepoint.

In brief, the Top Ten Business Trends include the following concepts:

  1. The Power of Women is Growing. Remarkably, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 54 percent in the past 15 years.
  2. The Middleman is Becoming Extinct. Distributors’ roles are changing quickly as business models are evolving.
  3. Entrepreneurs are Everywhere. Start-ups are becoming increasingly more abundant as young professionals fresh out of MBA programs are turning their hobbies into businesses.
  4. Off-label Use of Products and Technology is Creating a New R&D Department–The User. The booming use of technology through venues such as YouTube is changing the way we use products and services.
  5. Healthcare is in Turmoil. Ranging from where to treat patients to major payer procedures, new methods are escalating in need.
  6. Family Firms Claim the Greatest Part of America’s Wealth. It’s important to keep firms like this thriving because they play an integral part in fueling the economy.
  7. Culture Change is a Big Area of Concern. From hospitals to schools, it’s essential to engage citizens with the difficult decisions pertaining to shrinking venues and rising costs.
  8. Made in the USA is Catching On. US factories are becoming increasingly more popular due to their appealing production time and shipping costs.
  9. Blue Ocean Strategies are Really Working. The global marketplace is also thriving as industries across the board utilize their services for their unmet needs.
  10. Sustainability Directors are an Entirely New Market that Should be Tapped. Creating new, energy efficient ways of doing things is an implementation that isn’t going away.

For American Structurepoint, this is all information we can use going forward. I believe this article from Forbes illustrates the changing times we live in and some of the trends other executives are seeing in the business world.  This is all good information for us as we lead our companies.

The full Forbes Magazine article can be read here.