Firm Enters New Era at 9025 River Road

2018.00209 - 9025 River Road - Open Office Rendering

Open Office Space Rendering

American Structurepoint proudly enters a new era at a new Indianapolis location – 9025 River Road on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

This move represents an exciting point in our company’s 52-year history. The new location serves as the corporate design center for our firm, which has grown to more than 450 employees working in 11 disciplines from 15 different design centers across the country. We now have our entire Indianapolis staff under one roof in the same building, which allows for better collaboration among our employees, teams, and disciplines. We are in a space that will be our home for years that will support our growing firm and gives us the room and amenities in an excellent location to help us retain and recruit new talent.

Our Indianapolis design center features updated, open workspace and plenty of natural daylighting on each floor, attributes that our employees told us they wanted in a new workplace. We also have many huddle rooms for impromptu meetings, state of-the-art conference rooms, a new café area where employees can eat and socialize, and expanded onsite exercise facilities.

Architecture Presentation 252 to Gaskins 274

Meeting Spaces Rendering

Over the next few months, we will be adding final design touches to our new home. We want these touches to be reflective of our corporate culture and accentuate what we do best. These include installing our mission statement, core values, a community service wall, and a company timeline display in various locations throughout the building.

9025 break room 2

Fourth Floor Cafe Rendering

Once all these are in place, we will host a public open house in 2020. We are eager to grow into our space and share it with you. Please watch this blog and check out our website and social media channels too for updates as we add more features to our beautiful new home.

Celebrating a BlueSky Future

Morning shotAmerican Structurepoint is honored and thankful to be joining with BlueSky Technology Partners and the City of Noblesville to bring new growth and vitality to the Federal Hill District.

We proudly participated in the June 29 groundbreaking at Westfield Road and John Street for BlueSky’s 42,000 square foot international headquarters. Other participants included Meyer Najem, the project’s building contractor, and Stock Yards Bank & Trust, which is providing project financing.

The BlueSky project represents some major milestones for growth in Noblesville. The new headquarters is the first major development since the Federal Hill Commons project took flight. Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear said the project is the first non-medical office building constructed in Noblesville in nearly 30 years. BlueSky, an eCommerce consulting company, is also growing, with plans to recruit 10 to 15 high-tech millennials to new jobs with salaries that will average more than $90,000 a year.

BlueSky Groundbreaking (2)

Kyle St. Peter, Kaitlyn Barrett, Rob Bray, Randy Robison, and Brandon Hoopingarner of American Structurepoint break ground on the new BlueSky headquarters in Noblesville

The building’s design follow through on our commitment to improving the built environment one project, one community at a time. Our design resulted from an extensive visioning session that helped BlueSky define its company, culture, and brand. The result is a contemporary, mixed-used office building that delivers vibrancy and western “Colorado” style in the Federal district. The exterior design looked to create a warm palette within the use of natural stone veneers and wood grain finish accent features along the roof line. Large glazing expanses are located for natural lighting in the open office plans as well as for future tenants in the lower levels.

The top three levels are for collaborative office use while the main level is intended for restaurant tenant space and outdoor dining. An outdoor terrace off a common breakroom area on the fourth floor provides BlueSky employees with scenic views of downtown Noblesville and the new Federal Hills Commons area.

Here’s hoping that the BlueSky headquarters is only the beginning for continued economic development in the Federal Hills District.

A Partnership Begins

Our company is so proud to thank Indianapolis for our 50 years of successful growth by investing $250,000 to increase STEM education at Indianapolis Public Schools. In March, we announced a partnership with IPS and Project Lead The Way that will make it possible for every IPS elementary school, middle school, and high school to offer PLTW programs to their students beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.

The gift is a cornerstone of our 50th anniversary celebration in 2016. I firmly believe there is no better way for us to say thank you to the city of Indianapolis for our prosperity than to invest in the youth in our community that we serve.

Project Lead the Way, headquartered in Indianapolis just like American Structurepoint, provides highly transformative learning experiences for K-12 students, enabling them to develop in-demand skills in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. Its programs are currently utilized in over 8,000 schools throughout the US. We feel it is only fitting that every IPS student experience the same opportunity that thousands of students nationwide already enjoy.

Even more fulfilling than the initial investment is the dividends these programs will pay forward in the years to come. We believe this next step in providing STEM opportunities to IPS students will lead to increased graduation rates; inspire more students to pursue a STEM curriculum in higher education; and ultimately, result in rewarding careers in science, technology and engineering—hopefully right here in Indiana.

I invite you to watch the recently posted video from the PLTW Summit where Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced our partnership. All of us at American Structurepoint look forward to being involved in how this partnership blooms and grows.


Purdue Panel – Consulting in an Engineering Space

College Students

On April 2, 2013, I was honored to participate on a panel at Purdue University, where I had the opportunity to speak to students enrolled in an elite capstone course called the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. The course, with 16 handpicked students consisting of mostly seniors, worked in teams of four and has been engaging with local business clients on a consulting project all semester.

My spot on the panel delved into my experience leading an engineering consulting firm. From this engagement, it was important for the students to note that with consulting the overall goal is to become the trusted advisor—for everything. A consultant should provide value, create things that make the client’s life easier or more profitable, produce results, and generate more value than the competition.

Lastly, the students also learned if an engineering consulting company like American Structurepoint wants to produce effective results, it must “think backwards.” Creativity and people skills are essential. Be likeable, trustworthy, innovative, make informed decisions, and gain experience. Put yourself in the clients’ shoes.

Mainstreet Provides Hotel-Like Hospitality Environments for Senior Assisted Living Care

American Structurepoint would like to thank Mainstreet LLC for being our client. As an investment company focused on the acquisition and development of healthcare real estate properties and brands that bring a sense of independence, dignity, and pride to senior populations, Mainstreet’s residential and rehabilitation facilities for seniors are designed to function as the new look and feel for future health and wellness suites throughout the Midwest.

Together with Mainstreet as the developer, our architects have been designing cost-effective, state-of-the-art assisted living facilities for seniors within the context of “Main Street USA,” which are partnerships between Mainstreet, the operator, the senior community center, adjacent hospitals, and others. By focusing on a hospitality-oriented atmosphere and a sensory environment centered on wellness, these unique facilities offer a sense of community and comfortable healing space that residents are happy to call home.

Commitment to Community

By Willis R. Conner, President and COO

With the staff of American Structurepoint’s hard-earned dollars, we have made a difference in the world. Last year, we told you about this organization built by this amazing young man, Seth Maxwell, who has taken on the goal of eliminating the world’s water problem.  You may say, as I did, what problem?

One billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water; that’s 1 in 8 people. 4,500 children die every day from drinking contaminated water. That’s one every 15 seconds. Unbelievable. What’s more unbelievable is that for as little as $5,000 you can sink a water well and provide safe water to an entire village, changing their lives forever. $5,000—that’s it!

The benefit goes beyond the disease and death part. Women who spent most of their day looking for and transporting water now have time to earn a living, and kids have time to go to school. The water well changes the entire social-economic system forever. It improves the quality of life.

But, wait a minute. This is our business, the Utility Infrastructure business; we do water projects that benefit communities all the time. Compared to the water projects we do, the benefit/cost ratio for the Thirst Project is absolutely off the chart.  So, we bought a water well.

I’m proud of the way we have defined just what it means to wear the American Structurepoint logo. And I’m proud of the commitment we have to our clients, our community and to the world.