A Well-Earned Partnership: Thirst Project and American Structurepoint

One of our company’s community outreach programs of which I am most proud is our work with the Thirst Project. This nonprofit organization is the world’s leading youth water activism organization dedicated to building freshwater wells in developing nations and impoverished communities to provide people with safe, clean water.

In just nine years of existence, Thirst Project has raised $8.8 million to build 2,217 projects in 13 countries. Not only that, the organization is nearly 74 percent successful in reaching its ambitious goal of providing clean drinking water to the entire kingdom of Swaziland, located in southern Africa, by 2022.

I first learned about Thirst Project in 2011 when I met the organization’s dynamic, young CEO, Seth Maxwell, 29. Upon seeing Seth’s passion for ending the global water crisis, I knew American Structurepoint had to get involved. After all, providing safe, clean water to improve quality of life is part of our DNA.

Our $73,000 in contributions to the Thirst Project work has produced six new wells that pump clean, safe water to people in desperate need of this essential resource. We recently received a video of our latest well that provides clean water to the village of Ondiyaneni. Please consider supporting this organization in bringing clean water to those who need it most. To learn more, click here.

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