Welcome Back, Joe Schmeltzer


Born and raised in southeast Indiana, Joe Schmeltzer always knew he would be an engineer. After graduating from Rose-Hulman, Joe had many job offers out of Indianapolis so he could have his pick. During his interviews with numerous companies, Joe spoke to Greg Henneke. Joe explains, “Greg was very welcoming and seemed like a great guy to work with.” Thanks to Greg, Joe chose to work at American Structurepoint, where he worked for five years and fell in love with transportation.

After five years at American Structurepoint, Joe began to miss his hometown in southeast Indiana, so he took a new job offer that would allow him to work closer to home. Joe’s new job focused on site and civil, which provided valuable experience but made him realize how much he missed working with roads. He found himself comparing his new companies to American Structurepoint because they did not have the same approach Joe had once known. Joe missed his first home with American Structurepoint, but he could not leave the Cincinnati area.

Craig Parks, a long-time friend of Joe, was in the Cincinnati area when he called Joe to have lunch. Craig then suggested Joe should work at American Structurepoint in the new Cincinnati office. While he was not looking to leave his current company, Joe knew he could have the best of both worlds with the new job offer. I’d like to welcome Joe back to the family!

When asked why Joe loves American Structurepoint, he describes it as “good people doing good work for good clients.” American Structurepoint has an aggressive and refreshing approach to jobs with numerous free, independent, and out-of-the-box thinkers that American Structurepoint thrives on. American Structurepoint is like no other, which is why Joe had to come back!

Joe notices that the only change in the company has been technological advances. The same ideals that American Structurepoint thrive on previously are still being implemented today. Joe is sure to provide his best work from conception to completion on all projects. He enjoys working on projects through the entire process and seeing ideas come to life for the client.

Joe currently hopes to aid in the expansion of the Cincinnati office, and surrounding area, to grow the relationships in southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky. In the Cincinnati area, he is looking to start up a Women’s Transportation Seminar to help others. Joe is actively involved in his church community and is looking to adopt a new brother or sister for their four year old.

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