American Structurepoint Weighs in on Design Technology

When Engineering, Inc. magazine called, we answered. They were doing a spotlight on IT services, looking specifically at advances in building information modeling (BIM). The technology isn’t new, but it has certainly advanced over the years. And with the rapid development of cloud services, infrastructure design is undergoing an evolution of its own.

In the article, we discuss Bentley’s Microstation and GEOPAK tools, which we’ve used in our Transportation Group since 2000. We’ve also used Autodesk’s Civil 3D for our Survey, Civil, and Utility Infrastructure Groups since 2009.

What’s the biggest driver for using the software? For us, it’s a huge time saver, reducing delivery time by as much as 40 percent.

“Our clients expect us to deliver on tight deadlines. With the implementation of both Microstation and Civil 3D, we are better able to satisfy those demands,” said Jack Lashenik, vice president at American Structurepoint.

As an engineering and design firm, we’ve seen benefits across all of our business groups, thanks to the integration of software for infrastructure projects.

“With the use of products from both software companies, we are able to accept complex assignments,” said Lashenik.

To read the latest from these technology companies and how other firms are utilizing the technology, check out the latest edition of Engineering, Inc.

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