An Important Infrastructure Investment: Integrating Asset Management Systems Enhances Shop Productivity

In a recent article published by Public Works magazine, the editors examine how one community is optimizing their fleet maintenance program, and by doing so, they are saving money and delivering responsiveness with the investment.

In 2009, the Sacramento, California, City Council approved a five-year contract to install a system that would automate work orders by integrating existing vehicle maintenance software with electronic inspection reporting and real-time diagnostics. This telematics platform and inspection system implemented by Zonar cost $750,000 for about 600 vehicles. The City of Sacramento’s Fleet Management had about 2,300 vehicles across five maintenance shops in assets.

Since the investment in this new technology, the City has experienced smoother workflows and streamlined diagnostics dramatically reduced downtime during the day. Because they preferred to maintain refuse trucks at night and work on other assets during the day, they were able to manage the equipment of other internal customers more efficiently, and helped those departments avoid unnecessary downtime as well.

Additionally, fuel consumption fell 25 percent, because drivers spent less time idling and drove more slowly over more efficiently designed routes that eliminated unnecessary or unauthorized miles traveled.  As a result of offsetting Zonar’s monthly service fees, the reduction helped the City meet stricter state emission requirements while fulfilling the City’s Climate Action Plan and Fleet Sustainability Policy.

Even more, the City has become so efficient that they were one of the few government fleets in the state that hasn’t had to lay off employees, and as a result, all replacement equipment is now budgeted to include the hardware, and eventually, almost all heavy-duty vehicles will have the equipment.

For further details about how this innovative system works and operates, the full article can be read here.

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